Monday, 3 July 2017

The Tree

The one tree, black bark, roots that can only be seen in the imagination
sealed beneath the red earth

a six petal blue flower
with a gold star pistil, and a circle of snow
in this desert landscape defies the odds,
strewn with red roses like a public outpouring
of grief - the death of someone we have never
and now never will meet and is still 
one of us because we are all one.

And there are more petals,
petals that have no colour and too many
to count, they form arches 
surrounded by gold, the gold outlines sketch
the spaces where the petals fill the void
like the festoons of red roses
where there once was a person and three
turquoise stones are placed at the foot
of the tree and three birds eat
of the fruit of the tree and the leaves
do not turn brown, here the leaves transform
from green to peacock blue and pigeon pink
and do not fall.

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