Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Golden Phoenix 
into RAF blue 

and the embroidery 
of silver and pewter

wings, too close to the sun
bubbles of red wax

soars - red wings spread, a pinpoint in the blue
suspended above the memory-scape.

Accoutrements, the briar-root corkscrew
Huntsman’s monocle 


Labels on wine bottles, faint lines, sketches
lost men and traction engines
the top hats, frock coats
scripts that have faded…

beaten copper fields
skies of ghost blue

the tower and the fir tree

blue foil, cellophane - this is the summer’s day
the summer’s day distillation from the finest vintage

laughter flits like a bat’s wing in a country churchyard
a squeezebox wheeze and a sleep under the stars -
the lines here grow more elongated, 
a shedding of debris

black leaves fall 
from the silent trees.

In one hundred years from now, other silhouettes, different unwieldy 
unworldly machines will be depicted, printed on the labels fading

The old, even in the old days
the apple tree with brittle branches
the bark dark with moulds and lichens

casts delicious shadows
across patches of fresh-forked earth

a rusted tin trunk like a pirate’s treasure chest

and after the slow, sweat brow labour in string vest

the digging under and for the sun,
shadows finally fall, cross the yard-arm

blue, red and yellow stripes of the deckchair - 
like a chair dressed in pyjamas 

a black pot of tea, newspapers 
with stories printed for farthings and shillings 

a slow song of talk now -

and the shadows of crows 



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