Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Gates Of The House

Once more 
life is a race 
against the clock.

You know you can’t win 

you keep on running 

friends are sympathetic.

The journey is one of anxiety:

it’s no tall order keeping a car on the road.

Curves, bends. 
Depths of water.

The temptation to put your foot down

when the only sensible course of action
is to go slow, slow, slow… 

You don’t see what you should -

the gates of the house are always open.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Quadrants Within The Circle

A prayer in the city

the wheel of iron,
and five candles

curtains rolls back
to reveal 

a street


Monday, 15 February 2016

Red Crystals

Red crystals 
shipped in a white bag.
Two handfuls 
scattered in a bath.

far away,
the sun
boils the sea.

The crystals dissolve,
pink streaks 
and then they are gone.

Or, rather,
they are not gone.
It’s just that you can’t
see them anymore.

Time to soak,
skin and bones.

Monday, 1 February 2016

A Proboscis Clutters Up The Keyboard

Sorry for the delay. 

I have been laid up in bed with a bug. The bug kept to his side of the bed and I kept to mine. Nothing untoward happened except that every time I tried to put one of my feet on the floor the bug wrapped one of his feelers around my leg and wouldn’t let me go. 

The bug must have been very fond of me. 

This has been going on for thirty days hence my absence from the scene. I never once woke up to find that I had turned into the bug which is kind of a shame because it would have given me some very interesting writing material that might have made me a household name if someone else, like so many other things in life, hadn’t already beaten me to it. 

Mind you, there are limits as to how far I’m prepared to go to be a smash in this business: imagine trying to type with a proboscis cluttering up the keyboard.


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